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Developing Personal Goals

Developing Personal Goals—did you know that people who write down there goals are more likely to be successful? Did you now simply writing down your goal will make you more likely to reach it? Research has found that making SMART goals is one of the best way to reach a goal.


Specific—know exactly what your goal is!

Measureable- make sure you can look at the steps towards you goal and there is way track you progress.

Attainable--make your goal challenging but achievable

Realistic—Make sure you set a goal you can reach, it can be a little difficult if you are feel ambitious but don’t make it impossible or you’ll get discouraged

Timely—set a date and time your goal must be completed by.

An example of a Smart goal is:

Goal set on January 1st: I will 24 pounds by next year. To do so I will lose 2 pounds by the 1st of every month and my next year on January 1st I will lose 24 pounds.

To meet my goal I will make little goals such as:  cut 200 calories out of my diet everyday and I will go to the gym 5 days a week.

SMART goals may too simple to work but they are an effective way to reach something you really want to attain, so sit down and think what do you want to attain and start creating SMART goals for yourself.