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Matt DiGiovanni
Virtual Technology Coordinator
Bartels Student Activity Center

    Matt DiGiovanni is the Virtual Technology Coordinator at the University of New Haven Career Development Center. Matt is a recent graduate of UNH, receiving a Music and Sound Recording B.S. Throughout his time as an undergraduate, Matt was involved on campus both as a student worker at the Career Development Center managing the CDC's website and social media presence, and also as editor-in-chief of The Charger Bulletin from 2010-2012. Matt is excited to bring his knowledge of web design and social media to the Career Development Center in order to better reach the student body at UNH.

    In his free time, Matt enjoys listening to and performing music (he plays drums,bass, and piano), cooking and baking, exploring local food, and traveling. He grew up in Somerset, New Jersey and now lives in New Haven, Connecticut.