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6th Grade Visit to UNH

Annual 6th Grade Trip to UNH

Each year, the incoming 6th grade class at ESUMS spends a morning on the UNH campus. The visit consists of multiple activities in engineering, forensic science and chemistry, all conducted by UNH students.

The engineering activity commonly consists of working with the West Point Bridge Designer Software, which introduces students to engineering through a hands-on design experience. The software used by ESUMS students, provides the tools to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge, based on realistic specifications, constraints, and performance criteria.

                                  6th Graders Working with the bridge builder                                                6th Graders Working with the bridge builder

The forensic science activity includes both fingerprinting and blood splatter analysis. Both are techniques currently studied by UNH students in the Forensic Science Program and are presented to ESUMS students as an investigative process in the field.

                                     6th Graders working on forensics 6th Graders working on forensics

While the chemistry activities typically rotates through different experiments, ESUMS students commonly get to see an elephant toothpaste creation, a dramatic demo which produces copious amounts of steaming foam that looks like the toothpaste an elephant might use. Students often get to see the Genie in a Bottle, a demonstration showing the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

                                                                               6th Graders working on Chemistry

Each activities is run by a student organization such as Pi Tau Sigma from engineering, the American Chemical Society UNH Chapter, and the Forensic Science and Chemistry Club, as well as UNH students who volunteer their time to help.