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Useful Links

The following resources are publicly available and might provide useful information to help polish your skills in technical communication. Check this site for updates as time goes by. is a sponsored online resource that features articles about improving your presentation skills, as well as reviews of technology used in such presentations.
Purdue University Online Writing Laboratory (OWL) is one of the oldest and most highly-regarded sites of its kind. Although many of its resources are designed specifically for Purdue students and faculty, many others are open to the public. These resources include very thing from lessons on punctuation to issues arising for those whose first language is not English.
Edward Tufte’s Web site is a resource offered by one of the world’s most famous authorities on the design of data and information. While the site has a commercial purpose, it’s “Ask .E.T.” discussion threads cover just about any topic related to the field, offering examples and opinions from individuals across the world.
Design of Scientific Posters is a site from the Penn State University College of Engineering. It provides time-tested advice on designing posters, as well as ready-made PowerPoint templates that you can download. The site also provides links to other sites on the same topics. If you are doing Senior Design, you will want to check this site.
The National Institute of Standards (NIST) provides a wealth of resources for scientists and engineers, many of which are free.  This link provides information on The International System of Units (SI), something all prospective engineers should know.