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System, General & Industrial Engineering

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System, General and Industrial Engineering programs are administered by the Department of Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Also included are programs Engineering and Operations Management.

System Engineering, B.S.

System engineering, as a formal engineering discipline, is one of the most flexible and broad-based disciplines in engineering and is poised to provide balanced solutions to diverse and complex problems primarily related to product development and commercialization processes. Our bachelor of science degree program combines strong theoretical foundations in science, mathematics, and the UNH spiral engineering science curriculum with system engineering-related topics, integrated with computer applications.

General Engineering, B.S.

The bachelor of science degree program in general engineering (GE) is designed for those interested in a career involving general engineering knowledge without the prescribed requirements of a specific engineering discipline. It provides complete flexibility for a student to combine engineering with any other undergraduate discipline within the University. It also provides the opportunity for including elements of two different engineering disciplines in one degree program. The bachelor's degree program in general engineering requires completion of 121 credit hours.

Industrial Engineering, M.S.

We offer the master of science in industrial engineering, and the dual-degree program leading to the M.B.A./M.S.I.E. Graduate certificates in Lean-Six Sigma, and quality engineering are also offered.

The master of science degrees and graduate certificates have been designed to give the student an advanced level of training beyond the baccalaureate, sufficient to prepare for a leadership role in the area of industrial engineering. The M.S. program centers on a core sequence of required courses including analysis and design, considered to be of common interest to industrial engineers of advanced professional standing.

The undergraduate program in industrial engineering has been replaced with our newly developed system engineering program.  We still offer a minor in industrial engineering.

Engineering and Operations Management, M.S.

The Master of Science in Engineering and Operations Management (MSEOM) provides engineering and technical professionals with the knowledge and skills required to assume leadership positions in manufacturing and service organizations in a global market environment.  Created for individuals who aspire to be involved in managing technology and organizations, the program melds state-of-the-art engineering methodologies with key components of business-related fields such as finance, marketing, and the theory of management.