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Computer Science Laboratory


The computer science lab is located in room B239 of Buckman Hall.

capabilities & instrumentation

This lab is used by students for almost all of their software development projects. A mixture of Dell and Apple computers provide a variety of operating systems that students will be exposed to in their classes, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. A variety of IDEs are available, as well as any specialized software needed for a particular class, such as network simulators or mobile application SDKs. The room also houses a number of Lego NXT robots that are used as a programming platform in the lab portion of CS 110 Introduction to C Programming. 

Linux and Windows Systems:
Dr. David W. Eggert
Buckman 207

Mac OS-X Systems
Dr. Alice Fischer
Buckman 202

Laboratory Technician
Jason Williams
Buckman 211

Computing Center Contact
Dan Laudano
Buckman 224