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Power Systems Laboratory


The Power Systems Laboratory is located in room B227 in Buckman Hall.

Capabilities & instrumentation

This lab has all the software and hardware necessary to engage students in the design and simulation of load flow analysis, and to reinforce concepts from power electronics and motor drives. Equipment in each station includes power-pole circuit board, digital oscilloscope with RS232 interface, function generator, DC power supply, and digital multimeter, desktop computer with software for capturing oscilloscope data via RS232 port. Students design a Buck Converter, Boost Converter, Buck-Boost Converter, study the Flyback Converter, and switching characteristic of MOSFET and Diode.

In the Electric Drives lab, students are expected to perform experiments and simulations based on four major components of the DSP-based electric-drives system. Experiments include: 1) motor coupling system; 2) power electronics drive board; 3) DSP based DS1104 R&D controller card and CP 1104 I/O board and 4) MATLAB Simulink and control-desk.

This lab is also equipped NI Elvis stations to perform simple data acquisition, instrumentation and measurement.