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Cyber Systems

Graduate Coordinator: David Eggert, Associate Professor of Computer Science, PhD, University of South Florida.

This unique program merges the hands-on exploration of Information Technology with the foundational theory of Computer Science. An ever-evolving set of electives allows students to follow their own path through such focus areas as: Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Wireless Networking, and Enterprise Networking. Opportunities exist to participate in active research groups as well. The combination of practical skills and leading-edge knowledge gained through this program prepares students to work as an Information Security Analyst, Digital Forensic Examiner, Network Engineer, or System Administrator, just to name a few.

Graduate Network Systems

Students are encouraged to explore one of the focus areas currently in demand: Cyber Forensics -recovering evidence to support a criminal investigation, Cyber Security - protecting a computing infrastructure in the face of ever-present security threats, Wireless Networking - investigating the properties of the next generation of wireless infrastructures, Enterprise Networking - designing, installing, configuring and maintaining an enterprise infrastructure.

An additional feature of the program caters to those wishing to switch fields into the cyber systems realm. We have prepared a set of four bridge courses to help you transition from your previous background to a level of readiness that enables you to successfully pursue the rest of the degree program. Some of our best students began their journey in this manner and we encourage you to join them.

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