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2010 ASCE Concrete Canoe Design Paper

Release Date:
2/1/2011 7:05 PM

Placing a record high of 4th in the New England Conference out of eighteen teams, we had a year of improvement in 2009. In keeping with tradition we hope to excel even further during this year’s competition. The canoe was named Monster because prior to sanding and finishing the canoe had “monster” sized imperfections. Monster came to be a popular name amongst us so it naturally stuck.


The canoe fabrication involved one layer of carbon fiber mesh reinforcement, five pre-stressed braided steel cables and four ¼ inch steel threaded rods located in the transverse ribs of the canoe. The mold design used an innovative pre-stress system that allowed the threaded cables to remain in tension within the concrete for the first 14 days of the curing process.



Boat Name Monster

Length 20 ft

Depth 16 in (bow), 16 in (stern)

Color Black

Structural Concrete Mix(Mix B) Unit Weight – 65.78 pcf

Finish Concrete Mix (Mix A) Unit Weight – 59.44 pcf


January construction of the mold was completed. With all of the concrete samples poured and tested on the seven day mark, the project was brought back into schedule, following the final report