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College Faculty and Staff Directory

Dean:  Ronald S. Harichandran, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE 
Buckman Hall B329A
Telephone: 203.932.7167
Fax: 203.932.7394

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Accreditation: David Harding, Ph.D.
Buckman Hall 320
Telephone: 203.932.7438

Associate Dean for Student Affairs: Ali Montazer, Ph. D. 
Buckman Hall 223F
Telephone: 203.932.7050     

Assistant to the Dean:  Paula Hackenjos
Buckman Hall B329
Telephone: 203.932.7168

Assistant  Dean: Ibrahim Baggili, Ph.D.
Buckman Hall 252
Telephone: 203.932.7198

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Michael A. Collura, Ph.D., Professor & Dept Chair
W. David Harding
, Ph.D., P.E., Professor and Associate Dean
Arthur S. Gow III
, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Dequan Xiao,
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Pier F. Cirillo, Ph.D., Lecturer
Eddie Del Valle
, M.S., Lecturer
Tiffany Hesser
, Ed.D., Senior Lecturer
Eddie Luzik
, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Department Chair
Stanley Menacherry, Ph.D., Practitioner in Residence
John Osambo
, Ph.D., Lecturer
Pauline M. Schwartz
, Ph.D., Professor
Michael J. Saliby
, Ph.D., Professor
Nancy Ortins Savage
, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Amanda Simson
, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Alan Sutherland, Ph.D. Practitioner in Residence
Dequan Xiao,
 Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Emily Yoon, Practioner in Residence
Jinsong Yu, Ph.D., Lecturer

Michele Berman
, Lab Manager
Tiffany Martinez, Administrative Assistant

Emeriti Faculty
Peter J. Desio, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
George L. Wheeler, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering & Computer Science

Izzat Alsmadi, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Frank Breitinger, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Barun Chandra, Ph.D., Associate Professor
David Eggert, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Amir Esmailpour, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Alice Fischer, Ph.D., Professor
Ted Markowitz, Practioner in Residence
Liberty Page, Practioner in Residence
Bouzid Aliane, Ph.D., Professor
Mohammadreza Balouchestani-Alsi, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Andy Fish, Ph.D., Professor
Ali Golbazi, Ph.D., Professor & Dept. Chair
Bijan Karimi, Ph.D., Professor
James Marcus, Lecturer
Christopher Martinez, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Said Mikki, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Jianwu Zeng, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Junhui Zhao, Assistant Professor
Gail Berardesca, Administrative Assistant
Mark Morton, Lab Tech

Michelle Berman, M.S., Laboratory Manager
Tiffany Martinez, Administrative Assistant

Emeriti Faculty
William Adams, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
Roger G. Frey, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
Norman Hosay, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
Kantilal K. Surfi, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Joseph Levert Ph.D. Associate Professor & Dept. Chair
Kagya Amoako
, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Carl Barratt, Ph.D., Professor
Maria-Isabel Carnasciali, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Samuel Daniels, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor
Ravi Gorthala, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Emese Hadnagy, Ph.D., Professor
Cheryl Li, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Ismail Orabi, Ph.D, Professor
John Sarris, Ph.D., Professor and Department Chair
Eric Dieckman, Practioner in Residence

Can B. Aktas
, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Gregory Broderick
, Ph.D., Professor
Byungik Chang, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor
Ronald Harichandran, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, Professor and Dean
Agamemnon Koutsospyros, Ph.D., Professor
Jean Nocito-Gobel, Ph.D., Professor
David Wall, Ph.D., P.E., Professor
Maria-Isabel Carnasciali, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Nadiye Erdil
, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Sangbok Lee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

M. Ali Montazer,Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean  

Christine Ferrucci, Administrative Assistant
John Kelley, Associate Laboratory Supervisor 
Cindy Roth, Administrative Assistant

Emeriti Faculty
William S. Gere, PH.D., Professor Emeritus
Ira H. Kleinfeld, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Provost 

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Greg Broderick, Ph.D., Professor & Dept. Chair
Byungik Chang, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Emese Hadnagy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Memos Koutsospyrous, Ph.D., Professor
Jean Nocito-Gobel, Ph.D., Professor
Can Aktas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Christine Ferrucci, Administrative Assistant
Eric Brisart, Lecturer

Emeriti Faculty
M. Hamdy Bechir, Sc.D., Emeritus Professor
Oleg Faigel, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor
William S. Gere, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
Konstantine C. Lambrakis, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
Ross M Lanius Jr  M.S.C.E., Emeritus Professor
John C. Martin, M.E., Emeritus Professor
Alexis N. Sommers, Ph.D., Professor
Thomas C. Warner, Jr., M.S., Emeritus Professor
Ronald N.Wentworth, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor