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PLTW Credits at UNH

Transcripted College credit for PLTW courses

University Of New Haven Tagliatela College of Engineering

Secondary school students from any PLTW-certified school may apply for UNH college credit for each eligible PLTW course:

IED for UNH ME 101(Engineering Graphics)   (2 semester Credits) 
DE for UNH EE 155 (Digital Systems I)     (3 semester Credits)
POE for UNH EAS 107 (introduction to Engineering)  (3 semester Credits)
EDD for UNH EAS 109 (Project Planning and Development)  (2 semester Credit

* To qualify for college credit for EDD, student must first earn college credit for IED and POE.

To qualify for college credit for PLTW courses students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Students must earn at least 70% average in the course
  2. Students must also score 6 or greater on the End of the Course assessment.

This assessment (administered by PLTW starting in 2013) is based on a norm-referenced stanine scores which ranges from one (1) to nine (9) with one (1) being the lowest possible score and nine (9) being the highest possible score.

The UNH college credit grade is based on the following scale: (fee to receive college credit is $200 per course). 

  • Stanine 8 -9: letter grade A
  • Stanine 7: letter grade B
  • Stanine 6: letter grade C
  • Stanine 1-5 – Not acceptable for college credit

Currently EDD course does not have the End of Course Exam. The course grade for EDD along with grades from IED and POE are is considered in determining the UNH grade.

The grade a student receives in the high school PLTW course may differ from the college credit grade. If a student subsequently attends UNH, the college credit grade would be counted towards his/her overall grade point average. Students must meet the college enrollment requirements for UNH majors. If a student attends another university, the course credits may be transferred without the letter grade.

A student who successfully takes a course in the current academic year must take the exam at the end of the course and register for college credit before December of year of completion.

For information on how to apply for college credit visit the PLTW web site at UNH: