Civil Engineering, B.S. Faculty & Staff

Program Coordinator


Jean Nocito-Gobel, Ph.D.

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

An expert in environmental engineering, Dr. Nocito-Gobel is the adviser to the University’s Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, which works to provide sustainable drinking water in developing countries.

Celentano Hall Office 116
(203) 932-7155

Program Faculty


Byungik Chang, Ph.D., P.E., MBA

Associate Professor
Chair, Civil Engineering

19 Ruden Street 101D
(203) 479-4234


Emese Hadnagy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering

19 Ruden Street, 102
(203) 932-1232


Ronald S. Harichandran, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE

Dean / Vice Provost for Research

A Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Dr. Harichadran has led the Tagliatela College of Engineering since 2011. An expert on structural engineering, he has published more than 100 journal articles and conference proceedings papers and taught courses in structural analysis, design, dynamics, and probabilistic methods.

Celentano Hall Office 123D
(203) 932-7167


Agamemnon Koutsospyros, Ph.D.

Professor, Environmental Engineering
Graduate Coordinator, Environmental Engineering

An expert in sustainability and environmental awareness, Dr. Koutsospyros’ most recent research found that starfish – an invasive marine species – can be used to remove heavy metals in contaminated soil.

(203) 932-7398

Goli Nossoni

Goli Nossoni, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator, Civil Engineering

Celentano Hall Office 116B
(203) 479-4173

Program Staff


Christine Ferrucci

Administrative Secretary I, Civil & Environmental Engineering

19 Ruden Street, 105
(203) 932-7437


John Kelley

Associate Lab Supervisor, Mechanical & Civil Engineering

Celentano Hall Office 121D
(203) 932-7141