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CSI Academy 2016


First Session: July 18th - 22nd - SOLD OUT

Second Session: July 25th - 29th - SOLD OUT


What did you do on your summer vacation? Imagine being able to answer: “Dusted for fingerprints, analyzed suspects’ blood spatter, and cracked a cold case.”

The CSI Academy at UNH is like stepping into the real world of crime scene investigation and getting hands-on experience with the techniques and technology seen in TV and movies, but taught the real life way!

The program will include hands-on experiences, discussions, and laboratory activities including:

  • History of Policing, Investigations & Constitutional Law
  • Fingerprinting
  • Footprints
  • Tire Tracks
  • Tool Marks
  • Documentation
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Evidence Packaging
  • Note Taking
  • Sketching
  • Blood Spatter Analysis
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Presentations

Students will receive a certificate of completion, which would be an excellent addition to a college application of resume.

  1. Eligibility

    This program is open to current high school students entering their sophomore, junior, or senior years who have a strong interest in criminal justice and forensic science.

      NOTE Early enrollment is encouraged. Space is limited. This is a non-credit program.

    • Cost of Attendance

      The cost of the program is $600 It covers instruction, supplies, lunch and a T-shirt.

    • Schedule

      Academy will be held Monday - Friday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM.

    1. Directors

      Peter Massey
      Phone: (203) 479-4596
      Fax: (203) 931-6074

      Daniel Maxwell
      Phone: (203) 479-4592