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Residential Life & Housing FAQ for Parents

Q:  Can you give me a student’s room number/phone number?

A:  For privacy reasons, we will not give out a student’s information, however, we would be happy to contact your students and leave your student a message to contact you.

Q:  My student is not getting along with his/her roommate? What should I do?

A:  Your student should contact their Resident Assistant (RA).  The RA, in conjunction with the Resident Director (RD), will help your student to navigate the conflict and mediate if necessary.  Our ultimate goal is to assist students in resolving their conflicts.  If necessary, our staff can also assist with a room move based upon the vacancies available on campus.

Q:  My student has a problem with his/her room. How does s/he communicate the need for a repair, etc.?

A:  Your student should contact his/her RA so that a work order may be submitted to The Facilities Department.

Q:  What is the role of an RA and RD?

A:  RAs are undergraduate student staff trained to assist with mediation, coordinate community building and educational programs as well as respond to violations of University policies.  Resident Directors are graduate student staff who supervise each residence hall and the RA staffs.

Q:  What can my student bring to campus?  What items are prohibited?

A:  Our list of what to bring is available on the UNH website.  The prohibited items list is outlined in the Student Handbook.

Q:  Can my student’s younger sibling come up to visit?

A:  Siblings are welcome to visit for the day; however, siblings under the age of 18 are not permitted to spend the night in the residence halls.

Q:  What are LLCs?

A:  Living learning communities, commonly known as LLCs, are communities within our first year residence areas.  Students are grouped together based upon their intended major or common interest.  Each LLC works directly with a faculty advisor and a RA who plan programs, field trips, and other activities based upon the theme of each LLC. For more information about LLCs, click here 

Q: When do students move into the residence halls?

A: Click here for the academic calendar that will provide this information

Q: What does it mean to sign a housing agreement? 

A: All students are required to complete a housing license agreement which is binding for the academic year.  For more information please, click here

Q: Can you give me an overview of the University’s philosophy regarding Residential Life? What do they do?

Mission Statement: The mission of The Office of Residential Life is to create a safe, supportive, inclusive and engaged living-learning community that enhances students' personal and academic success. Through collaboration with all members of the University of New Haven, we promote leadership and personal development by providing opportunities for students to create and implement a vision for their community and future.

Vision Statement: The Office of Residential Life will support the mission of the University of New Haven through a quality program that provides educationally purposeful programming, initiatives and leadership opportunities that promote student growth, independence and persistence at the University.

To Fulfill The Office of Residential Life Mission We:

  • Will support the University's mission and values; and challenge students to apply these ideals to their own lives.
  • Will promote academic success and personal development through partnerships with students to create a comfortable and supportive living environment.
  • Will nurture a cohesive and respectful residential community where all members will strive to engage in open and honest dialogue.
  • Will assist and support students in their transition to a more independent and self-directed living environment through our intentional programming and publication efforts.