Study Abroad in Italy for Biology Students

First Semester, First Year is Your Window of Opportunity to Study Abroad!

The University of New Haven offers certain majors the unique opportunity to study abroad in their first semester of freshman year. In Prato, University of New Haven students will be enrolled in the necessary courses for the Biology major so they can both study abroad and stay on track with their curriculum. In addition to science and math courses, students will be enrolled in an Italian language course, which enables a deeper immersion into the culture and day-to-day life of Italy.


Program Highlights

Students travel to Italy to take 5 classes

Same University of New Haven tuition and fees as a residential student

All Financial Aid applies

No previous language experience requires

Group excursions allow students to explore the Tuscany region of Italy


Going from High School Directly to Study Abroad: Why it's Beneficial

A student leaves the relatively small world of high school, and in just a few short months lands on a college campus, confronted by thousands of other students - all of them total strangers. This can be a huge culture shock, and adapting can be a bumpy road.

As a member of our Freshman Study Abroad Cohort, students will begin college as part of a small, tightly knit group of students with shared interests, and soon-to-be shared amazing experiences. Studying abroad is a time for making lifelong friendships, as many of our study abroad students have.

Upon your return to the West Haven campus, you will face campus life more easily and confidently, with a level of maturity and leadership ability uncommon among other first-year students. The best part? You will still be a part of a tightly knit group of friends, whose bonds will continue to strengthen as you move through your college career.


Sample Prato Course Offerings for Biology Students

  • ITAL 1101 or higher Italian Language (CC 1.2/5.2/5.3)*
  • BIOL 2253 Biology I for Science Majors with Lab (CC 2.1)
  • MATH 117 Calculus I
  • MATH Mathzone (CC 2.2)
  • CHEM 1115 General Chemistry I with Lab (CC 2.1)

For more course offerings, see our Tuscany Academics Page.

* - required of all students studying at the Tuscany Campus


Featured Faculty Member: Assistant Professor Amy Carlile, Ph.D.

Dr. Amy Carlile joined the University of New Haven faculty in Fall 2011 to teach a variety of courses in our Marine and General Biology programs. She loves exploring biodiversity, and using DNA data to answer a variety of questions from what species are (including those new to science) to how they are distributed in the environment. Her research focuses on algae, a group of organisms found in a variety of habitats. She is no stranger to travel, and has gone to conduct research from high elevation bogs in Hawaii to subtidal seaweed beds in Alaska, and places in between all over the world!


I'm thrilled to be teaching our freshmen biology students at our Tuscany campus in Prato! This is a wonderful opportunity for our incoming freshmen to jumpstart their time at the University of New Haven with a truly unique experience. How exciting to be learning about foundational concepts in biology on the same continent where the work was initiated!

-Dr. Amy Carlile