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Council Committees

Communications Committee

Chair: Jessica Linicus

Members: Heather Alpaugh, Ronda London, Matt McCullough,  Zach Rosen, Dana Sparano

  • Serve as the public relations agent of the Council and publicize the Council and its activities;
  • Generally promote the Council as opportunities arise;
  • Produce an annual written report of the past year’s progress and make it available to all members of the Council at year’s end;
  • Chair of Communications Committee shall serve as the public information officer of the Council and shall approve public notices concerning the Council or its activities, seeking advice from officers or other Council members as appropriate to insure consistency and accuracy of information.

Salary/Benefits/Employee Resources Committee

Chair: Alan MacDougall

Committee Members: Leila Phillips, Maureen Aceto, Ellen Buley, Susan Cusano, Zach Rosen

  • Investigate staff members’ concerns regarding benefits and make recommendations
  • Issues to be addressed may include insurance, classification/compensation, employee recognition, parking, food services, dependent care, tuition/fee waivers, flex time/job sharing, employee lounges;
  • Human Resources designee will serve as ex officio member of the Salary/Benefits/Employee Resources Committee.

Membership/Election/Rules Committee

Chair: Mario Pierce

Committee Members: Alan MacDougall, Amanda King, Trish Kennedy, Lauren Veronneau

  • Handle all nominations and elections’ procedures as set forth in the by-laws;
  • Vice Chair of Executive Committee to serve as chair of this committee.

Educational/Professional Committee

Chair: Michelle Mason

Committee Members: Lisa Scranton, Matt McCullough, Tiffany Goines, Tyler Hanson, Alan MacDougall

  • Investigate ways in which the staff can benefit from training programs on or off campus
  • Address issues such as career and professional development, orientation/mentoring, diversity training, and basic skills development;
  • Orientation for new hires.


Chair: Matt McCullough

Committee Members: Lisa Scranton, Mario Pierce, Ronda London, Alan MacDougall

  • Maintain and update ASC content on the UNH website, insideUNH, and Blackboard.
  • Provide recommendations to the ASC regarding technological issues and opportunities.
  • Coordinate with other ASC committees as necessary.