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School of Public Service

School of Public Service
Explore Academic Programs in the School of Public Service

The School of Public Service is designed to prepare students for enriching careers and engaged participation in society through a combination of professional education combined with opportunities to explore and develop a passion for public service.

The core academic programs in the School of Public Service prepare students for professional careers in areas such as Public Safety, Legal Studies, Intelligence Analysis, National Security, Emergency Management, Fire Protection Engineering and Fire Science. Each of these professional areas of study involve important aspects of public service and each prepares students for employment in organizations that provide for public protection and maintaining order in a civil society.

All of the academic programs within the School of Public Service share a common theme of preparing students for careers in Public Service, but the theme of Public Service is not limited to the academic programs and future employment aspirations of our students. The School of Public Service is also home to the university's Institute for Law and Public Affairs which supports additional university-wide programs to educate all students about the benefits and rewards associated with volunteer service, civic engagement and giving back to our community. Students interested in public service and civic engagement are encouraged to consider the minor in Public Affairs which is designed to allow students from across the university to develop meaningful projects and programs of study within their areas of interest focused on civic engagement and public service.

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