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The Tow Foundation

The Tow Foundation envisions a society where all people have the opportunity to enjoy a high  quality of life and have a voice in their community.  It supports medical research, humanism in medicine, cultural institutions and higher education. It provides funding and creates partnerships with nonprofit leaders, policy makers, and the community in order to accomplish its goals and visions. The foundation is committed to supporting services that are designed to improve the outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

The State of Connecticut

Partnership with the State of Connecticut

The State of Connecticut, through Public Act 14-217, Section 79, has established a Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee (JJPOC) to evaluate policies related to the juvenile justice system and the impact of the recent “Raise the Age” law that moved sixteen and seventeen year-olds into the juvenile justice system. The committee consists of legislators, officials from juvenile justice, law enforcement, education and mental health as well as advocates from the youth serving areas. The committee will set new goals for the system and plan for its improvement.

Other Collaborators

The Institute will be enhanced by leveraging its efforts with other internal and external partnerships. UNH currently administers a regional police executive leadership training program and collaborates with the Office of the United States Attorney and other stakeholders in a gun violence reduction strategy known as Project Longevity. UNH will work with many other university institutes and disciplines associated with youth justice to create partnerships on research and evaluation projects. It will also work with national and local youth advocacy groups and foundations.


TowOver the past two decades, The Tow Foundation has proudly supported efforts to improve services for court-involved youth and the policies that affect them. Investing in the creation of this important new institute will help insure that those positive outcomes are protected and that youth and communities, in Connecticut and around the country, will benefit from the knowledge and expertise that will be housed here.

 – Emily Tow Jackson President, The TOW Foundation
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