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Henry C. Lee College Undergraduate Certificates

The Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences offers the following undergraduate certificates:

Crime Analysis

This certificate focuses on the analysis of crime and criminal behavior. Geographic information systems and computer-assisted statistical packages are used to assist in the study of crime analysis.  (Click here to view the Crime Analysis certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Criminal Justice Management

This certificate teaches specific skills to professionals in the criminal justice management field. Courses emphasize the application of modern management principles and practices to the field of criminal justice. (Click here to view the Criminal Justice Management certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Fire/Arson Investigation

The fire/arson investigation certificate provides individuals in either the public or private sector with the fundamentals required to determine the cause and origin of fires. (Click here to view the Fire/Arson Investigation certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Fire Prevention

The fire prevention certificate provides the fundamentals of fire protection and prevention to the individual interested in fire inspection and/or code compliance.   (Click here to view the Fire Prevention certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Forensic Computer Investigation

This certificate is designed for those professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in forensic computer investigation. Students interested in enrolling in the courses in this certificate must obtain consent of the instructor and/or the certificate adviser prior to registration. (Click here to view the Forensic Computer Investigation certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Industrial Fire Protection

The industrial fire protection certificate provides the individual interested in industrial property loss control with the fundamentals related to this field.  (Click here to view the Industrial Fire Protection certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Information Protection and Security

This 15 credit certificate prepares students for the responsibilities in protecting their corporations and or agencies information systems.  (Click here to view the Information Protection and Security certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Law Enforcement Science

This certificate provides the fundamentals of criminal investigation techniques and procedures, particularly for those involved in or planning to enter investigative positions in law enforcement agencies in both the private and public sectors. (Click here to view the Law Enforcement Science certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Paralegal Studies

The paralegal studies certificate requires 18 credits of designated legal studies courses, each with a grade of C minus or better. A student must successfully complete all required courses as outlined below with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 to be awarded the certificate.  (Click here to view the Paralegal Studies certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Private Security

This certificate is a concentrated program of study in management security systems for private business and industry.  (Click here to view the Private Security certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Victim Services

Students matriculated in other concentration areas, as well as non-matriculated students, may elect to take the five courses listed below to earn a certificate in victim services administration. (Click here to view the Victim Services certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)