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Career Placement for Criminal Justice

Many graduates of the A.S. degree program go directly into professional positions in the criminal justice field; some go on to bachelor's degree programs. Most graduates of the bachelor's program go directly into professional positions in the field; some go on to professional and graduate schools. Students electing to go directly into the job market are successful in finding employment. Employers value UNH students' focus on professional career development. Virtually every type of Criminal Justice agency in the United States currently employs our Criminal Justice Department alumni. UNH graduates have been employed by agencies and services such as these:

  • The FBI
  • The DEA
  • ATF
  • The Secret Service
  • The U.S. Department of the Treasury Border Patrol Military Police
  • CID Internal Revenue Service
  • CID
  • The CIA
Additionally, our graduates are routinely employed by state and local law enforcement agencies, correctional agencies, probation departments, parole departments, child welfare agencies, family courts, private investigative agencies, insurance companies, and private security providers.

Graduate School

A number of students who earn the bachelor's degree go on to law school and other graduate programs. Our students have been successful in winning admission to highly competitive graduate and professional schools.

  1. Blaze Your Path

    Our Career Development Center offers full career development services to help our students, as well as our alumni, learn how to effectively manage and develop their careers.