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Weeding Project

In order to maintain a relevant physical book collection for student and faculty academic needs, the library is identifying books which are felt to be no longer relevant to those needs. However, faculty expertise is needed to be sure that books are not removed which still serve a valid academic purpose. Book lists will be posted for 45 days during which time we invite faculty to make suggestions regarding these books and their continued inclusion in our library book collection.

Please direct any feedback to your Liaison Librarian:

Joe Scollo

  • Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Science (except Legal Studies)
  • A&S Humanities (Global Studies, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science)
  • A&S Math & Physical Sciences

Andrea Sciari

  • Tagliatela College of Engineering
  • A&S Communications (Communications, Convergent Media, Film, Journalism, Video & Audio Production)
  • A&S Education
  • A&S Arts (Graphic Design,  Interior Design, Music, Music & Sound Recording, Music Industry, Theatre Arts)
  • A&S English (except E1105/E1106)
  • A&S Biological Sciences

Diane  Spinato

  • College of Business
  • A&S – Psychology
  • A&S – Health Professions (Dental Hygiene, Nutrition & Dietetics)
  • A&S E1105/E1106 English
  • Legal Studies 

List posted on May 1, 2014.

PS2025 Q5 - PS2384 M66 (works by Howells, William D. - Melville, Herman)