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Faculty Training and Resource Center

The Library's Instruction Classroom (Room 213) has been transformed into a Smart Classroom as the site for library instruction and student orientation sessions.  Moreover, it is a faculty resource and training center.  As Smart Classrooms become the norm and as new technologies are added, the Library Smart Classroom is available to demonstrate a wide variety of technology applications and encourage faculty to make full use of these valuable resources.    Faculty can learn to use the technology of the Smart Classroom or practice using the various components of this and other new technologies for the classroom here. 

In addition to library instruction for students, the Library Smart Classroom will be used as a center for:

  • Library orientation sessions for new faculty

  • Preparation of course materials.  The Library Smart Classroom is equipped with a scanner, document  camera, projector, and computer networked to the library printer, and is an ideal site for preparing teaching materials.  Librarians can help faculty identify and facilitate access to resources.

  • Piloting of course materials and new technology applications. 

  • Training and mentoring.  Faculty members who have experience teaching in Smart Classroom may reserve the Library Smart Classroom to work with colleagues who wish to learn more about the Smart Classroom technology.

  • Faculty seminars.  The Library Smart Classroom provide a site for faculty to work together in small groups to share teaching materials and techniques using the available technology and library resources to present to colleagues research or grant proposals in progress.

From time to time Paul Falcone, Greg Bartholomew,  Alan MacDougall, or members of the UNH faculty with specialized expertise will offer group instruction classes on the use of the Smart Classroom, as well as other new technologies for use in the classroom.  These training sessions will be announced to faculty via the e-mail system.  However, you may prefer a one-on-one session.  If so, please call the Library to schedule a session with a Librarian.

Please contact Hanko Dobi (203-932-7191) or Diane Spinato (203-479-4554) to schedule a one-on-one session with a librarian, who can show you the basics of using the Smart Classroom.  To schedule the Smart Classroom to practice on your own, or along with a colleague, or to develop your lectures, please call the Circulation Desk at 203-932-7197 to reserve the room. 

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