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Student Projects

Finding UNH Theses, Dissertations, and Student Projects

In the library we have many items authored by UNH students.  From our Graduate students we have theses which were written as part of the process of achieving a Masters or Doctoral degree.  From undergraduates, we currently receive and add to our collection the National Security reports on CD for Dr. Tafoya's classes, and some of the theses written by students in the Honors program.  The library only receives a copy of these if the student author has signed a release permitting the work to be made available.

If you want to see all the theses, whether by Doctoral, Masters, or Undergraduate Honors students, the following keyword search in the library catalog will produce a list of them all: 

Simple Search  for: +thesis +"university of new haven

If you want to see the Doctoral dissertations only, you can get a list of them by using the following search in the library catalog:

Simple Search for: +thesis +"university of new haven" +doctor

The full text of these dissertations is available online in the Dissertation Abstracts database, using your UNH ID number, via Dissertations and Thesis at the University of New Haven.   This can be accessed either from the catalog search results, or from the list of databases on the library web page.

To see all the masters theses, you do a Simple Search +thesis +"university of new haven" +master .   For honors theses, do a Simple search: +thesis +"university of new haven" +honors .  To see only theses on a particular topic, add a topical keyword, preceded by a plus sign, to any of the above searches.  For example:  +thesis +"university of new haven" +master +accounting

For the National Security reports on CD, which are kept in the reserves area and available only to UNH ID card holders, you can do the following search to get a list of them all:  "national security graduate program"    If you're looking for a particular report, or a report on a particular topic or person, just add a keyword for that to your search, for example: +"national security graduate program" +"threat modeling"


    If you have any questions, come to the Information Desk, or call us at 203-932-7189, or e-mail us.

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