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Collaboration between UNH and Notre Dame High School Profiled

Release Date:
5/2/2012 9:00 PM

Momentum (Magazine of the National Catholic Educational Association), Spring 2012

Momentum (Magazine of the National Catholic Educational Association), Spring 2012: A collaborative effort between UNH’s Department of Education and Notre Dame High School was featured in an article in the spring issue of “Momentum,” a magazine produced by the National Catholic Educational Association. As part of the partnership, UNH undergraduates studying education observed classes and presented a lesson as part of one of their classes. UNH professors and students also developed a high school literacy project questionnaire to help get a read on the college readiness of the high schools students. In response to the survey results, UNH presented a half-day workshop on vocabulary instruction. The article as written by Amanda Bozack, Ph.D., assistant professor of education psychology at UNH; Patricia Maiorino, M.S., a practitioner-in-residence UNH; Patrick J. Clifford, principal of Notre Dame High School; and Katie O’Brien, M.Ed., director of instructional development at Notre Dame High School.

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