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Prato Campus Week warms up

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5/2/2013 9:00 PM

It Tirreno Prato, May 2 “Prato Campus Week warms up”

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Prato Campus Week warms up

PRATO. Saturday, May 4 at the start of the first appointments of Prato Campus Week - Weaving connections.  A container of events that brings together different realities in order to enliven the historical center of Prato in the week from 4 to 11 May.

The first event of the event is 626 Prato Campus Run, the track event which aims to raise funds to finance the purchase of a defibrillator.  The 626 Prato Campus RUN will be held Saturday, May 4, gathering and inscriptions in Cathedral Square at 9am.  It will be the 6th edition of the event which is organized by the non-profit organization "Give me a smile," in collaboration with the local health authorities in Prato and with the support of the City. The race annually provides the involvement of high school students of the city and this edition will have the participation of the students of the three universities present in Prato, Prato The headquarters of the University of Florence, Polo Universitario "Città di Prato"; the seat Australian Monash University, Monash University Prato Centre, the headquarters of the American University of New Haven, University of New Haven.  For the occasion will be among the runners also Alberto Tesi, rector of the University of Florence.

 The first evening rendezvous with the music and shows in Prato Campus Week will be the feast of the Provincial Board of the Students of Prato. After the success in 2011 in St. Francis, after the amazing "Pecci Beach" of 2012, the State Council will once again this year with its newest event "Dress to Impress" in University Square (behind the parking lot of the Seraglio) , Saturday, May 4 from 22.30. Admission is free and the evening includes: DJ Set of Philippe Balugani and participants will be able to dress up in the most bizarre ways to impress the most of the other guests.

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