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Hi-Res Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy [CANCELLED]

Release Date:
9/22/2011 10:01 AM

University of New Haven: Alvine Lecture Series, Udo Schwarz, hi-res-atomic force microscopy Udo Schwarz

This event is cancelled


The University of New Haven (UNH) Tagliatela College of Engineering will host a free public lecture, “High Resolution Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM),” by Udo Schwarz, professor of mechanical and chemical engineering at Yale University. Schwarz’s lecture is part of the UNH Fall 2011 Alvine Engineering Professional Effectiveness and Enrichment Program.


Wednesday, Oct. 19 12:15 p.m.


Schumann Auditorium in the Tagliatela College of Engineering, room B120

atomic force microscope scanning tunneling microscope

Variable-temperature, ultra-high-vacuum, atomic force microscope/scanning tunneling microscope: Omicron VT-AFM XA (N. Guisinger, Electronic & Magnetic Materials & Devices Group)


Schwarz will review the operational principles of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM), two probe-based microscopy methods that achieve atomic-resolution imaging of surfaces. He also will discuss the applications for the technology which range from producing fertilizer to lubricating micro motors. Schwarz received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Basel, Switzerland, in 1993. After spending nine years at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, he joined Yale University in 2002, where he was promoted to full professor in 2009. His research interests concern the local measurement of atomic-scale interactions and properties by applying scanning probe microscopy techniques to study problems in surface physics, catalysis and friction.