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UNH Students Dominate Criminal Justice Competition

Release Date:
11/2/2011 10:57 AM

November 2, 2011

WEST HAVEN, CONN. – University of New Haven students dominated the competition when the Psi Omega Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association, Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE) had its recent annual Region IV Conference. 

The competition, in which students from 10 colleges and universities participated, included written tests, crime scene analysis tests, firearms and agility competitions, as well as guest speakers and a job fair. It was hosted this year by UNH.

UNH students won 21 of 30 academic awards, or 70 percent, five of six crime scene awards, seven of 12 firearms awards and two of six agility awards.

UNH has dominated the regionals for several years and often finishes at or near the top at the national competition, said Daniel Maxwell, club advisor and an instructor in criminal justice at the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences at UNH.

“We were pleased to host the competitions and are especially proud of the performance of our students both as competitors and as event volunteers,” Maxwell said.  “Our students demonstrated how much they have learned and how proud they are to represent our university.”

UNH students who won awards at the competition are:


HERNET: Andrea Quinones, junior, second place/upper division (crime scene)


BURLINGTON: Tim Farmer, senior, first place/upper division (police management)

CLINTON: Lou Sommo, senior, first place/upper division (firearms)

DARIEN: Rob Keen, senior, second place/upper division (team firearms)

GROTON: Megan Zoglio, junior, third place/upper division (crime scene)

GUILFORD: Gerard St. George, senior, second place/upper division (firearms), first place/upper division (team firearms)

KENSINGTON: James Russo, third place/upper division (corrections competition)

MIDDLEBURY:Alissa Tomala, junior, third place/ upper division (LAE knowledge)

NEW BRITAIN: Crystal Davis, freshman, third place/lower division (police management)

STRATFORD:  Roman Gray, junior, first place/upper division (crime scene), third place/upper division (firearms)

TERRYVILLE: Dakota Haaga, freshman, second place/lower division (firearms), second place/upper division (team firearms)

WATERBURY:  Amber Dunphy, senior, second place/upper division (crime scene)

WESTPORT:  John Harness, sophomore, first place/male under 25 (physical agility), second place upper division (team firearms)

WILTON: Melanie Miscioscia, sophomore, third place/lower division (crime scene)


CHARLTON:  Ryan Elblein, sophomore, third place/lower division (crime scene)

LAKEVILLE:  Erin Wiswell, sophomore first place/lower division (LAE knowledge), second place/lower division (police management), first place/lower division (crime scene)

SOUTHWICK:  Adam Wolfe, junior third place/lower division (corrections competition), first place/upper division (crime scene)

New Jersey

BELFORD: Josh Low, junior, third place/upper division (criminal law competition)

New York

SAUGERTIES: Sarah Dougherty, junior, third place/upper division (crime scene)

SOUTHOLD: Megan Penney, junior third place/ upper division, second place/upper division (crime scene)

YONKERS: Aislinn Gormally, sophomore, first place/lower division (criminal law competition), second place/lower division (corrections competition), first place/female under 25 (physical agility)


LEWISBURG: Allison Housholder, senior, second place/upper division (criminal law competition), second place/upper division (Corrections Competition), third place/upper division (crime scene)

PERKASIE: Todd DeWald, sophomore, third place/lower division (crime scene), third place/lower division (team firearms)

Rhode Island

COVENTRY: Kyle Richards, junior, second place/upper division (LAE knowledge), first place/upper division (crime scene), first place/upper division (team firearms)

WARWICK: R.J. Irons, sophomore, first place/lower division (crime scene), third place/lower division (team firearms)


AUSTIN: Karina, Sheremet, junior, highest total score top academic award, first place/ upper division (criminal law competition), first place/upper division (corrections competition), second place/upper division (LAE knowledge), second place/upper division (police management), second place/upper division (juvenile justice), first place/lower division (crime scene)


VIRGINIA BEACH: Heather Struminger, sophomore, second place/lower division (LAE knowledge)

Virgin Islands

CHRISTIANSTED:  Vincenzo Farchette, sophomore, third place/lower division (team firearms)

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