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Please select your program from the list below and review your course requirements and program information in the Graduate Catalog. We strongly encourage you to speak with your academic program advisor if you have questions about your courses and registration. Your advisor information was provided to you in your acceptance packet.


Graduate Programs
Biomedical Engineering, M.S. Forensic Science, M.S., Fire Science Concentration
Cellular and Molecular Biology, M.S. Forensic Technology, M.S.
Community Psychology, M.A.- Community, Clinical Services Concentration Healthcare Administration, M.S. 
Community Psychology, M.A.- Forensic Psychology Concentration Human Nutrition, M.S.
Community Psychology, M.A.- Program Development Concentration Human Nutrition, M.S., Nutritional Genomics Concentration
Computer Science, M.S. Industrial Engineering, M.S.
Criminal Justice, M.S- Criminal Justice Management Concentration Industrial/Organizational Psychology, M.A., General Concentration
Criminal Justice, M.S.- Forensic Computer Investigation Concentration Industrial/Organizational Psychology, M.A., Industrial-Human Resources Psychology Concentration
Criminal Justice, M.S.- Forensic Psychology Concentration Industrial/Organizational Psychology, M.A., Organizational Development and Consultation Concentration
Criminal Justice, M.S.- General Concentration Industrial/Organizational Psychology, M.A., The Psychology of Conflict Management Concentration
Criminal Justice, M.S.- Victimology Concentration Investigations, M.S., Criminal Investigations Concentration
Criminal Justice, M.S. - Online Investigations, M.S., Financial Crimes Investigations Concentration
Criminal Justice, Ph.D. Investigations, M.S., Forensic Computer Investigations Concentration
Cyber Systems, M.S. Labor Relations, M.S., General Concentration 
Data Science, M.S. (San Francisco) Labor Relations, M.S., Private Sector Concentration
Electrical Engineering, M.S. Labor Relations, M.S., Public Sector Concentration
Emergency Management, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S.
Emergency Management, M.S. - Online National Security, M.S., Information Protection and Security Concentration
Engineering and Operations Management, M.S. National Security, M.S., General Concentration
Environmental Engineering, M.S
Public Administration, M.P.A., City Management Concentration
Environmental Engineering, M.S. - Online Public Administration, M.P.A., Community-Clinical Services Concentration
Environmental Science, M.S.- Environmental Ecology Concentration Public Administration, M.P.A., General Concentration
Environmental Science, M.S., Environmental Education Concentration Public Administration, M.P.A., Health Care Management Concentration
Environmental Science, M.S., Environmental Geoscience Concentration Public Administration, M.P.A., Long-Term Health Care Concentration
Environmental Science, M.S., Environmental Health and Management Concentration Public Administration, M.P.A., Personnel and Labor Relations Concentration
Environmental Science, M.S., Geographical Information Systems and Applications Concentration Sport Management, M.S.
Fire Science, M.S., Fire/Arson Investigation Concentration
Sport Management, M.S., Collegiate Athletic Administration Concentration
Fire Science, M.S., Public Safety Management Concentration Sport Management, M.S., Facility Management Concentration
Forensic Science, M.S., Advanced Investigation Concentration Sport Management, M.S., Sport Analytics Concentration
Forensic Science, M.S., Criminalistics Concentration
Taxation, M.S.


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