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Submit Your Campus Card ID Photo

Graduate students are offered the opportunity to submit their initial Campus Card ID photo online through Blackboard.

Photo must satisfy the following requirements and is subject to approval by Campus Card staff:

  • The photo must be a clear straight view with no obstructions to the head or face.  This includes hats, caps, hoods, sunglasses, and hair.  Glasses with clear lenses are allowed.
  • Must have a solid background.
  • Must be a recent photo, taken no more than thirty (30) days prior to submission date.
  • File must be in JPEG, BMP or PNG format and must be at least 320 by 240 pixels.

Photos that do not meet these requirements will not be used.  New graduate students should submit their ID photo prior to attending graduate orientation and/or classes. Uploading instructions appear at the bottom of this page.

What do I need to do to complete Step 12?
  • Click the yellow "Submit ID Photo" sign below to go to Blackboard and submit your ID photo. Full uploading instructions follow this box on this page.
  • Clicking the sign below will open Blackboard in a new window.
  • Once you have uploaded your ID photo in Blackboard, return to this page and click the green sign to advance to Step 13.
Click here to go back to Step 11Click here to submit your ID photo in BlackboardClick here to go to Step 13




  1. Login to Blackboard.  If you need assistance logging on, click here to go to the Blackboard Support page
  2. Click on the Campus Card Photo Submission course, from the course menucampus card step 2
  3. On the Campus Card Photo Submission course home page, click on Submit a Photo from the course menu on the left hand side.                 campus card step 3
  4. Read the directions about the necessary photo requirements and then click Photo Submission when you are ready.  Reminder: You can only submit one (1) photo, so make sure the photo you submit is the photo you want to use.campus card step 4
  5. You are now at the submission screen.  Scroll down to Attach File and click Browse My Computer.       campus card step 5
  6. Select your photo from your computer files and click OK. You will see the file name.  If you decide you want to use a different photo, or you accidentally clicked on the wrong file, you may click Do not attachto the right of the file to delete the attachment.  Then click on Browse My Computer to reattach another photo.  You do not need to enter any text in any of the boxes.  The only thing you need to do on this page is attach a photo.  When you are finished, click Submit (blue box on the lower right side).
  7. A confirmation page is displayed indicating that the photo was submitted successfully. You are done.  Click OK to go back to the Campus Card Photo Submission course page

    campus card step 7
    8.If your photo is approved by the Campus 8. Card staff, it will be printed on your ID and your ID will be ready at Welcome Week in late August.  If your photo is rejected, you will be sent an email from Campus Card staff (


Do not see Campus Card Photo Submission course on your Blackboard

Have you received an ID before?  If so, then you are not eligible to use this service.  Please go to the Campus Card Office for a replacement ID.

-  If this is your first ID, Call Campus Card Office at (203) 932-8324, option 3 and they can add you to the course

Something went wrong during the submission process and the photo was not uploaded successfully

- Try to upload it again.  If you receive a message saying that you have already submitted your photo, call the Campus Card Office (203) 932-8324, option 3 and they can erase your submission attempt.

Any other issues, contact the Campus Card Office for assistance at (203) 932-8324, option 3 or

  1. Questions?

    Detailed instructions for uploading your ID photo are on this page.

    If you encounter problems and have followed the steps and troubleshooting information on this page, contact the Campus Card Office for assistance at or (203) 932-8324, option 3.

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    You may skip ahead using the navigation in the box, or go back to the Road Map for New Graduate Students.