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Submit Proof of Physical Exam and Required Immunizations by July 1


Submit Proof of Physical Exam and Required Immunizations By July 1

We value your health and that of our entire campus community.

Info for Families

If a student is 18 years or older, he/she will have the authority to release their own medical information. Health Services will be unable to share any information regarding a student unless they have consented to such. Please visit this webpage for more info on confidentiality, vaccinations, health insurance, and patient financial responsibility.

For everyone's protection, students may not move into residence halls or start classes without first submitting the required health documentation. Due to the busy nature of many physicians' practices, we recommend scheduling a physical examination and (if necessary) immunizations with your doctor as soon as possible.

According to University policy and Connecticut state law, ALL incoming full-time undergraduate students must provide proof of several health-related items, including a physical examination and multiple vaccinations.

Incoming students should note that the University of New Haven is a Tobacco-Free/Smoke-Free Campus. For more details about this initiative, click here.

For complete details on these requirements and to download the appropriate form to submit to UNH, please click on the orange "Health Forms" link below.


Deadline is July 1

DEADLINE: July 1. Proof of physical exam and immunizations are required before moving onto campus or starting classes.

What do I need to do to complete Step 4?
  • Click the orange "Health Forms" sign below to open the Health Services website and view the Full-Time Student Immunization and Physical Exam Requirements.
  • Clicking the orange "Health Forms" sign below will open the Health Services website in a new window.  
  • Once you have viewed and completed the full-time student immunization and physical exam requirements, return to this page and click the green sign below to continue to Step 5.
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  1. Questions?

    Please note:  All new full-time students must complete the immunization requirements and have a physical exam before moving into University Sponsored Housing or beginning classes.

    If you have a question about the immunization and physical exam requirements or the associated forms, please contact Health Services at 203.932.7079.

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