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Frequently Asked Questions About the UNH Orange Campus

General Questions
Studying at UNH Orange
Campus Services
Admission & Financial Aid
Student Life

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General Questions

Where is the UNH Orange Campus located?

The UNH Orange Campus is conveniently located just minutes from the Merritt/Wilbur Cross Parkway (Route 15) at 584 Derby Milford Road in Orange, CT (click to see this address in Google Maps)


When did the UNH Orange Campus open?

The UNH Orange Campus opened on January 21, 2014.


What are the hours of the UNH Orange Campus?

The UNH Orange Campus will be open Monday through Saturday for classes. The campus is currently closed on Sunday.


Can I take a tour of the UNH Orange Campus?

Tours of the campus will be offered beginning in January 2014. Contact us at 203-932-7440 for more information.


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Studying at UNH's Orange Campus

What programs are offered at the UNH Orange Campus?

UNH offers the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBAM.S. Sport Management and M.S. Taxation programs at the Orange Campus.


Where can I view a copy of the course schedule?

The academic course schedule is available online.


When are the classes offered?

Most graduate courses are offered in the evening one night per week from 6:00 p.m. to 9:05 p.m. Some Saturday courses as well as online options are also available. The Executive MBA program meets as a cohort one weekend per month on Friday evening and Saturday.


Can I complete my entire degree at the UNH Orange Campus or do I need to take some courses at the Campus in West Haven?

The MBA, Executive MBA, M.S. Sport Management and M.S. Taxation program can be completed entirely at the UNH Orange Campus. However, some students may choose to take elective coursework in other programs not currently offered at the UNH Orange Campus, so travel to the West Haven Campus may be necessary.


Does UNH offer any online courses?

Yes. The introductory core courses of the MBA program online for students who wish to pursue distance study. Online study is not required for these programs. Other courses may be offered in an online or hybrid format at different times; check the academic course schedules for more information.


What kind of academic advising is available to me?

All students are provided an academic adviser upon starting a graduate program at UNH. Additionally, enrollment advisers will be available for you at the Orange Campus to help you with any needs you have.


Can I pursue an internship while I am studying at UNH?

While not required in most programs, students in the College of Business are welcome to pursue an internship during their studies at UNH. Internships are required for students pursuing the M.S. Sport Management degree.


What kind of job placement is available for graduate students?

The UNH Career Development Center, located on the campus in West Haven, offers a variety of support services including resume and cover letter development, job postings, interview techniques, and more. Visit for more information.


Will my degree or transcript say that I studied at a branch campus?

No, the degree you earn will be the same as you would earn on the West Haven Campus.

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Campus Services

What services are be available to students at the UNH Orange Campus?

The UNH Orange Campus offers, a cafe, study areas, student lounges, and more. Learn more about Graduate Student Services.


What food options are available at the UNH Orange Campus?

The UNH Orange Campus will offer a wide variety of food and beverage choices.


Does the campus provide Wi-Fi access?

Yes, the campus has wireless network access for all students.


Can I meet with a study group at the UNH Orange Campus? What spaces are available?

Yes, multi-purpose study rooms and study lounges are be available for group meetings.


Is graduate student housing available?

Graduate student housing is not available on either campus, but the University provides a student housing listing for apartment, condo, and home rental options in the local community.


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Admission & Financial Aid

How do I apply?

The UNH Orange Campus currently only offers graduate degree programs. To apply online, please visit and select the graduate application link.

What are the admission requirements?

      For the M.B.A. and M.S. Sport Management program

To be considered for admission, students must submit an application, two letters of recommendation, all official college transcripts, standardized test scores from the GMAT or GRE, and a resume. A personal statement is optional.

Learn more about the application process and admission requirements for M.B.A. and M.S. Sport Management programs


For the Executive M.B.A. program 

Executive M.B.A. candidates must submit an application, two letters of recommendation, all official college transcripts, a personal essay, statement of organizational support, organizational chart, and a resume. A personal interview with an academic advisor is also required.

Learn more about admission requirements for the Executive M.B.A. program

What is the application deadline?

Applications for programs at the UNH Orange Campus are accepted on a rolling basis. Terms begin in September, January, and April, along with an abbreviated summer term beginning in July. The Executive M.B.A. program generally offers a new cohort beginning in September each year.


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Student Life

What activities are available to UNH graduate students outside of class?

Students will be able to take advantage of professional development and social opportunities with the College of Business, Graduate Student Services, Career Development Office, Graduate Student Council, International Student Association and other University groups.


Are there student clubs and organizations for graduate students?

Yes. There are several different student clubs and organization for graduate students to be involved in. The Graduate Student Council is our largest graduate student organization and provides students with a variety of social and professional development opportunities. The International Student Association provides great opportunities for our international students to interact and showcase their individual cultures. For a complete list of student clubs at UNH please click here.


For our M.S. Sport Management students, the Sports Industry Club offers opportunities to meet with industry executives, tour professional sports facilities, and more.


If I take my classes at the UNH Orange Campus, will I really be a part of the UNH community? 

Absolutely. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of all of the events and facilities on both the UNH Orange Campus and the campus in West Haven. You will even have access to use the Beckerman Recreation Center in West Haven, which is open seven days a week and offers basketball and racquetball courts, a walking track, weight and elliptical facilities, free fitness classes, and more.

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Can I park my car at the UNH Orange Campus?

Yes, parking is available onsite at the UNH Orange Campus for your studies. Students taking classes at the UNH Orange Campus must follow University parking regulations and obtain a parking permit. Please see our parking website for details.


If I don’t have a car, what transportation options are available for me to get to the UNH Orange Campus?

Shuttle services are available between the campus in West Haven and the UNH Orange Campus.

  1. Contact Us

    If you have questions about the UNH Orange Campus, or graduate business program offerings, please call 203-932-7440 or request information on this page.