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Faculty Parking 2014-2015

Recognizing that faculty members have the primary role in directly serving our students and have a variety of work schedules, full-time faculty and professionals/practitioners-in-residence (PIRs) will be offered an option to park on campus for a fee of $200 per year. This is the same fee paid by students. Full-time faculty and PIRs may elect to purchase parking permits through payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis over a 12-month period. Payroll Deduction Forms should be sent to the Campus Police Dept. 

Full time faculty members may register a maximum of two personally owned vehicles at no cost. The registration of any subsequent vehicle will be at the rate of $200 per vehicle.

Full-time faculty and PIRs must go online to select their payment method for on-campus parking or indicate they will be parking off-campus. Access the online registration form by clicking here. Part-time adjunct faculty will be allowed to park on campus for no fee.

Eligible employees who elect to participate in the Campus Parking Plan must fill out the Campus Parking Plan Payroll Deduction Enrollment / Waiver & Cancellation Form (PDF)The Campus Parking Plan Payroll Deduction Enrollment / Waiver & Cancellation Form should be submitted to campus police, who will match up the form with your online enrollment and then pass the form to the payroll department.

After registering, parking permits will be mailed to the address  on file of all full-time faculty, PIRs and non-faculty employees. Adjunct faculty permits will be available at campus police for pick-up and will not be mailed. . All permits must be permanently affixed to the inside lower front windshield on the passenger side.

Individuals with state-issued handicapped parking permits may park on campus any day of the week unless otherwise directed.  All employees (both faculty and non-faculty) will be allowed to park on campus on Fridays and weekends. This policy may change, however, depending on the demand for parking. If any changes are made to the schedule, shuttle service will be provided.
Due to the increased parking congestion on campus, the Allingtown Fire Marshal has directed that the University keep the fire lanes and walkways open at all times. Violators parking in these areas will be immediately towed at their expense. Additionally, campus police will strictly enforce all new parking policies beginning this academic year and will issue tickets to any individual who does not adhere to the policies. All tickets must be paid, and those individuals who receive more than three tickets per year will have their cars towed at their expense.