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General Information

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Parking Map

Click here to view the 2014-2015 University of New Haven Parking Map.

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Permit Required

All persons who will possess or operate a motor vehicle on the campus, or who are in local university sponsored housing (Forest Hills, Savin Court, Main St. Condos.)  are required to display a valid UNH parking permit on the vehicle.  Permits MUST BE PERMANENTLY AFFIXED on the inside of the front windshield in the lower corner on the passenger side.  Vehicles not properly displaying a valid UNH parking permit will be ticketed.  

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Obtaining a Permit

Those eligible for a parking permit must apply online at Permits may be picked up at the UNH Police Dept. by presenting your driver's license, vehicle registration certificate and UNH identification card.  All commuting students are eligible for a permit.  On-campus resident students with a minimum of 27 credits qualify as sophomores and are eligible to apply for a yellow permit to park at the north campus.  On-campus resident students with a minimum of 57 credits are eligible to apply for a red on-campus resident permit.  All sophomores, on-campus residents and Forest Hills residents will be charged a fee of $200 which must be paid by credit card, online, at the time of application.  Any student wishing to register a second eligible vehicle will be charged a $200 fee.  Faculty wishing to park on campus will be charged a $200 parking fee. Students residing at Savin Court and Main St. Condominiums will not be charged the parking fee, but, are prohibited from bring their vehicles to the main campus, please refer to the Parking Regulations for further information.

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Parking Restricted by Permit Type

FRESHMAN RESIDENTS are not permitted to have a vehicle.

SOPHOMORE RESIDENTS on campus, including Ruden St. apartments, will be restricted to the North Campus parking lot (P25).  Any left over spaces at Forest Hills will be assigned to sophomores through the ORL (Office of Residential Life).  Forest Hills sophomores who are not assigned a parking space at Forest Hills will be restricted to the north campus parking lot (P25).

JUNIOR AND SENIOR RESIDENTS  who are eligible for Red Permits (except Ruden St. Apt. residents) on campus will be restricted to designated red lots on the  parking map.   Ruden St. Apt. residents will receive a red permit and will be allowed to park in the Ruden St. Apt. commuter lots. 

FOREST HILLS RESIDENTS who are issued a Forest Hills Permit will be restricted to parking at Forest Hills. They are PROHIBITED from parking on Simon Place, or any other city street, and may not bring their vehicle to the main campus.

SAVIN COURT RESIDENTS WILL BE RESTRICTED to parking at the Savin Court complex and are prohibited from bringing their vehicle to campus. 

MAIN STREET CONDOMINIUM RESIDENTS must park in the Main Street Condominium lot only.  Main St. Condo residents are prohibited from bringing their vehicles to campus.  

COMMUTING STUDENTS may park in any available lot, with the exception of designated red (Resident Student) lots and designated reserved areas.  Available commuter parking areas appear in green on the map.

FACULTY PAYING FOR ON CAMPUS PARKING may park in any available Faculty Only/Blue Permit Only space located throughout campus, and any  lot with the exception of :Red (Resident Student) lots, and visitor and reserved parking spaces.  Available faculty parking areas appear in green.  Each faculty member may register two personally owned vehicles without additional charge.

FACULTY NOT PAYING FOR ON CAMPUS PARKING, AND STAFF will be issued either a gold permit requiring them to park at St. Paul's Church (P37) or the North Campus parking lot (P25) on Mondays and Tuesdays, or a silver permit requiring them to park at St. Pauls' Church Lot (P37) or the North Campus parking Lot (P25) on Wednesdays and Thursdays. All faculty and staff may park on campus with the exception of (except in designated red lots, reserved spaces and visitor only spaces) on Fridays and weekends unless otherwise directed. Each faculty or staff member may register two   vehicles without additional charge.

ON STREET PARKING:  In the interest of maintaining good relations with our neighbors, it is important that resident students limit parking to the designated UNH parking areas.  Resident students are prohibited from parking on city streets in the neighborhoods adjacent to campus.  Vehicles in violation are subject to University sanctions including, but not limited to, UNH parking tickets. Off-Campus resident students residing at Savin Court, Main Street condominiums, and Forest Hills are also prohibited from on-street parking and are subject to the same sanctions.

GERMAN CLUB PARKING LOT:  This area is CLOSED TO STUDENT PARKING AT ALL TIMES!  It is open to properly permitted faculty/staff parking from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. only, Monday through Friday.

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Those students normally restricted to the North Campus, Forest Hills, Savin Court,  apartments or Main St. Condos may park in designated commuter parking lots on the main campus after 9 p.m. Monday - Thursday and after 5 p.m. on Fridays.  These vehicles MUST be moved off campus, and back to their regularly assigned areas no later than 7 a.m. on the next business day.  

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Temporary Permits

Visitors, or others with short-term parking needs, may obtain aTemporary Permit from the University Police Department. Visitor parking spaces at Bayer Hall are for use by persons conducting business at Bayer Hall only and are issued a permit by  the Administrative staff at Bayer Hall. 

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Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Connecticut state law (Sec. 14-253a) restricts parking in designated Handicapped parking spaces to those vehicles displaying authorization issued by this or any other state or country.  The use of this privilege is only legal when the person with the disability is the driver or a passenger in the vehicle.  Any misuse of this privilege will result in ticketing and the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.  These vehicles must also display a UNH parking permit if the owner/operator is a student or employee of the University. 

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Snow Emergencies

No non-resident parking will be permitted from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. during snow emergency conditions (during a storm or when one is predicted). Resident students must expect to be available to move their vehicles as directed. Vehicles impeding snow removal operations may be towed from campus at the owner's expense. 

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Speed Limit  15 mph

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Parking enforcement is strictly controlled by a computerized system that tracks permits, license plate numbers, vehicles and violations.  Hand held computers will record violations, will notify an officer that a vehicle must be issued a tow warning when the number of violations reaches three, and will direct an officer to tow the vehicle from campus when it accumulates four tickets.  Once a vehicle has accumulated three (3) tickets it will be ticketed and towed on every subsequent violation.

Students, faculty and staff who have properly registered their vehicle(s) with the UNH Police Department will receive an automatically generated email advising of a parking ticket, tow warning or the towing of a vehicle.  If a vehicle owner can not be identified through the UNH Parking Control Program he/she will not receive this  email notification.

The UNH Police Department strives to reduce the number of vehicles that need to be towed by requesting voluntary compliance with these parking regulations.  The ticketing and towing of a vehicle, along with possible storage charges from the tow company will cost the vehicle owner approx. $125.00 (on average, but may vary).  No part of this towing charge is controlled or received by the University of New Haven.

After a vehicle has received 3 parking tickets it will be ticketed and towed from campus, at the owner's expense, for every subsequent violation within the same academic year.

Vehicles that are blocking fire lanes, crosswalks, sidewalks, dumpster access, or are parked in a manner that creates a hazard, or are parked in a Handicapped space without displaying proper authorization, will be immediately towed from campus without regard to any prior violations. 

For the safety of the entire community, everyone is expected to stop for campus stop signs, observe the 15 mph speed limit, use their seat belts and avoid the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle.  UNH tickets or State Infractions Complaints may be issued for moving violations and may become the subject of disciplinary hearings.

By applying for a UNH parking permit you are agreeing to abide by all rules and regulations pertaining to the operation and parking of any motor vehicle under your control.

Obtaining a permit by impersonating another, misrepresenting oneself, theft, fraud or in any other illegal or improper manner will result in a $250 fine, disciplinary proceedings, loss of parking privileges and possible arrest.


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Payment of Fines

Faculty, staff and students may pay fines in person at the Bursar's Office or by mail to the address on the reverse of the ticket. 

Appeal Process

Tickets may be appealed within 14 calendar days of issue.  Go to for a link to the online appeal form. 

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The University of New Haven is not responsible for damage to, theft of, or theft from, vehicles on university-controlled property.

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Call the UNH Police Department at (203) 932-7014.