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Automated External Defibrillator Locations

campus map



Click here to view the campus map and locate AED locations around campus.





Locate AEDs in the following buildings on campus
Building # Building Name Placement
8 Bartels Hall Bartels Hall second floor by the elevator
2 Bayer Hall  In the foyer of the front doors
27 Beckerman Rec Center Beckerman Rec Center Equipment Room 
27 Beckerman Rec Center Beckerman Rec Center Front Desk
27 Beckerman Rec Center Beckerman Rec Center second floor by the stairs and track
10 Bucknall Theater Dodds Hall; Bucknall Theater Lobby near entrance to gallery
7A Campus Police Campus Police Lobby
30 Celentano Hall Celentano/Soundview Hall Foyer
17 Charger Gymnasium Lobby Charger Gymnasium Lobby by the drinking fountain
17C Charger Gymnasium Sports Medicine Charger Gymnasiun trainer's office/sports medicine
35 Charger Plaza Just inside the main entrance 
15 Dental Center UNH Dental Center; storage/copy room near back of main treatment area
31 Gehring Hall Gehring Hall/Henry C. Lee Building; second floor by the Elevator
German Club
German Club; In main hall by the main doors
5 Harugari Hall Harugari Hall; near entrance to Jeffrey's Fusion Restaurant
19A Health Services Stored on a cart in the hallway across from Paula Cappuccia's office.
11 Kaplan Hall Kaplan Hall; second floor lobby
6 Marvin K. Peterson Library Marvin K. Peterson Library; Foyer by Main Doors
1 Maxcy Hall Maxcy Hall, first floor main stairwell
12A North Hall
North Hall Foyer
41 Westside Hall, Classroom Lobby
Westside Hall Classroom Lobby Near entrance to FoD
41 Westside Hall, RA Duty Desk
Westside Hall RA Duty Desk