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Division of Student Affairs

University of New Haven Division of Student Affairs

  1. Dean's Message

    Dean of Students, Rebecca Johnson, welcomes students to the University of New Haven! In her message she highlights all that the University of New Haven has to offer.

    "Welcome to the University of New Haven! It is my hope that you will invest in your academic success, grow personally, and fully engage in the life of the university during your four years at UNH.

    As a member of the university community, you will have many opportunities to develop your skills, abilities, and talents and engage in learning through our academic and co-curricular programs..."

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  2. Learning Goals

    As a result of participation in programs offered by the Student Affairs Division, students will develop the following skills and competencies which will enhance their ability to be lifelong learners:

    1. Understanding of Self and Appreciation for Others

    2. Interpersonal and intrapersonal competence

    3. Civic responsibility and engagement

    4. Cognitive complexity

    5. Practical competencies which lead to academic and personal achievement

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  3. Mission Statement

    The mission of the Division of Student Affairs at the University of New Haven is to engage students to develop holistically through diverse experiential learning opportunities.

    As student-centered advocates for learning, student development and community involvement, we:

    - Ensure student access to University programs, services and facilities;
    - Collaborate to build and promote a supportive campus community where all individuals are treated with respect;
    - Empower students to advocate for themselves;
    - Establish opportunities for the development of life skills necessary to achieve personal and professional goals.