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Accessibility Resources Center Policies & Procedures

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Eligibility for Services

  • Information regarding eligibility for student disability services
Documentation of a Disability                            
  • Requirements for Documentation of a Disability
  • The ADA/504/FHA Committee                                                                       
  • Confidentiality of Disability Information

Documentation Guidelines 

  • Criteria used to determine a student's eligibility for receiving reasonable accommodations and access to services provided by the Accessibility Resources Center for qualified students with disabilities
  • Links to criteria for specific disabilities

Reasonable Accommodations

  • Some common academic and non-academic adjustments
  • Requesting reconsideration of previously declined accommodations
  • Steps to request reasonable accommodations
  • Procedures for use of exam proctoring

Personal Care Attendants

  • Policy & Procedures 
  • Student and Care Attendant Responsibilities 

Course Substitutions

  • Policy & Procedures for requesting course substitutions due to disability

Modifications to Housing and/or Dining Options

  • Application process for requesting modifications to housing accommodations and/or special consideration for meal plans due to a disability or significant medical condition 

Reduced Course Load

  • Policy & Procedures for requesting a reduced course load due to disability

Temporary Medical Conditions 

  • Information regarding what assistance may be available in the event of a temporary disabling condition 

Grievance Policy for Individuals with Disabilities

  • Informal and Formal Grievance procedures in the event a problem should arise regarding issues relating to the ADA or Section 504 that ensure that all complaints of discrimination based on disability are thoroughly and fairly investigated

UNH Policy on Emotional Support Animals in University Housing

  • Policy and Procedure