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Forms For Students Registered with CAS

Requests for Military or Reasonable Accommodations

The PDF forms require the most recent version of Adobe Reader. To download the latest version click here.

Choose the "Save" option when using the Microsoft Word documents. If you wish to "Open" the file and are prompted for a username/password, click "Cancel" and it will open.


1.   Accommodation Request forms: The AR forms can be sent electronically. Choose "save as" and save to your computer. Once you have entered your information, save and email as attachment to Ivory Lee at:

A.   Accommodation Request form (AR): to be filled out at the beginning of EACH semester (one form per semester); to be completed after registering for class preferably prior to the start of each semester.  Students requesting auxiliary aides such as notetakers, interpreters, etc. must complete this form a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the semester in order to allow CAS to facilitate your request in a timely manner.


B.   Accommodation Request form for Added/Dropped Classes: to be completed if you make changes to your course registration once you have already submitted your Accommodation Request form (AR)


2.   Request for Electronic Version of a Text Book: This form must be brought to the office, please fill out and print.

A.   Request for Electronic Version of a Text Book: must be submitted with proof of purchase (receipt) for your textbook.  Textbook may also be required if scanning is necessary to create your e-text. Complete one form per book