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Procedures for Exam Proctoring

The Campus Access Services office offers an examination proctoring service to facilitate the faculty's provision of reasonable accommodations which are not readily available in the classroom (such as: quiet, distraction-limited environment; use of a computer and/or assistive technology, use of auxiliary aids). Students should follow the procedures below to access the Exam Proctoring Service:

  • Upon approval from the Campus Access Services office, a Verification of Disability/Request for Reasonable Accommodation letter will be issued for each course a student requests accommodations.Among the accommodations identified on this form are those for quizzes and exams.

  • It is the student's responsibility to disclose to faculty his/her request for test/quiz accommodations and to provide the faculty member with the Verification/Accommodation letter.

  • When a student becomes aware of an upcoming exam or quiz, he/she must schedule an appointment for an exam to be administered by the Campus Access Services office at least one week in advance.Students needing auxiliary aides such as readers or scribes should ensure that they request them when making an appointment. The Campus Access Services office cannot guarantee the provision of the service for late or same day requests.

  • Exams/quizzes should be scheduled to be taken at the same time as it is administered in the class excepting schedule conflicts such as back-to-back classes that would not allow for use of reasonable accommodations such as extended time, or in the case of evening or Saturday classes.

  • The student should also remind the faculty member of needed accommodations prior to each exam/quiz.With notice, exams are generally delivered to Campus Access Services by faculty in advance of the student's appointment to ensure its availability on the scheduled date and time.

  • Once the examination has been taken by the student, exams are scanned and sent directly to the faculty member by email for grading.

  • Students are required to request exam/quiz accommodations each semester in the same manner as they are required to request other reasonable accommodations.