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Temporary Medical Conditions


Temporary medical conditions are not covered under Section 504 nor the American with Disabilities Act. Personal care cannot be provided for temporary medical conditions such as a broken ankle, wrist, or any other condition.

Transportation to and from class is also not available other than student use of regular university shuttle services during regular route runs.  Personal shuttle service is NOT available. 

However, the Campus Access Services office will assist students who experience a temporary disabling medical condition with obtaining scribes, notetakers, and access to classroom materials where possible. 

CAS has wheelchairs available for loan. There is a limited supply and they will only be loaned out for short term use. If you are in need of a wheelchair for a longer period of time, click here for local companies that have medical equipment for rent.

Completion of an intake form and submission of appropriate documentation is required.  (Click here to find the Temporary Medical Condition packet.) Students should contact the Campus Access Services office to ascertain what help might be available and to make an appointment to meet with a staff member. Documentation of the temporary disabling medical condition should be brought to this appointment. In the event the injury is significant enough that it warrants a student not attending classes for more than a week or two, a leave of absence may be necessary, but all situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.