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Important Information About Health Services


Health Services Hours In Case of Emergency
Statement of Confidentiality Records
Urgent Care Centers Absent and Excuse Policy

Health Services Hours

Health Services is open to all currently enrolled university students without charge.

During the academic year
Monday-Thursday 8:30am­­-5pm
Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Doctor's hours will be posted at Health Services. Women's Clinic hours are by appointment only. In addition a nurse practitioner will be available to students. The office may be closed at times due to vacations, illness and other unforeseen events. Summer hours and semester break hours will be posted. For additional hours, click here.

Statement of Confidentiality

Health Services are confidential. This means that we will not tell anyone that you are a patient and will not share what you have discussed in our office without your consent. We will not give information to your parents or to offices or departments in the university without your permission. There is an exception to the rule of confidentiality. In the event of a severe emergency, illness, or injury, your parents or guardian will be notified at the discretion of the professional Health Services Staff.

Urgent Care Centers

The university has cooperative arrangements with the following local urgent care centers so students will have access to convenient, low-cost medical services, especially during those periods when the university's Health Services Office is closed. We also have a list of other doctors, walk-in clinics, dentists, family planning clinics i.e. Planned Parenthood, etc. Additionally, the university has made available a 24 hour medical advice and travel assistance line. This help line, staffed by nurses, can be reached toll free at 866-525-1955 and is free of charge for UNH students. Please see our Emergencies and After Hours Care page.

In Case of Emergency

For acute health care problems that cannot wait until morning, please use the emergency room at one of the following hospitals.

Yale- New Haven Hospital
20 York Street, New Haven

Yale Hospital at St. Raphael's Campus
1450 Chapel Street, New Haven

Routine non-serious illnesses such as vomiting or sore throats should not be treated in an emergency room.


Students who are graduating or who leave the university may want to request their medical records. Health Services recommends that students studying abroad take a copy of their medical records with them.

Please allow up to two weeks for requested records to be sent. State law requires that the university keep medical files for a period of seven years after a student has left the institution. After that time period, all records are destroyed. Please contact Health Services for further information regarding your medical records.
Click here for the Immunization Request Form.

Excuse and Absent Policy

Please see below or review the University of New Haven’s student handbook online here and navigate to page 57 under Academic Policies and Regulations.

Attendance Policy for Undergraduate Students
All students are expected to attend regularly and promptly all their classes, appointments, and exercises. While the University recognizes that some absences may occasionally be necessary, these should be held to a minimum. A maximum of two weeks of absences will be permitted for illness and emergencies. The instructor has the right to dismiss from class any student who has been absent more than the maximum allowed. After mid-semester, a student will receive a failure (F), if failing at that point, or a W, if passing at the time of dismissal. The responsibility of dismissing or reinstating a student rests with the individual instructor. A student may appeal to the department chair, the appropriate academic dean, and the Provost, if necessary.

Prolonged Absence
In case of prolonged absence due to illness, readmission to class will be considered upon the submission of a physician’s medical statement.

Attendance Policy for Graduate Students
It is the responsibility of the student to attend all classes and to take all examinations as scheduled. Faculty have the right to require a standard of attendance, even if it conflicts with professional and job-related responsibilities of students. Students whose jobs require that they be absent from class must realize that it is their responsibility to determine whether such absence is permitted by the faculty member involved and to meet the professor’s requirements for making up work missed, if the professor allows missed time to be made up.