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University of New Haven logo

Safe Zone Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of New Haven Safe Zone Program is to create a safe environment for anyone who is questioning or wishes to celebrate differences in sexuality, sexual identity, and/or gender identity.  Through education, outreach, community resources, and identifying allies, we will promote understanding and support to students, faculty, staff and families.

UNH Safe Zone Ally Logo

The Meaning Behind the Logo

In the Nazi concentration camps, prisoners were classified according to their "crimes".  Jews, for example, wore a yellow star (compound of two triangles); a pink triangle was assigned to gay men.  After WWII, wearers of the pink triangle remained imprisoned for years afterward, even after Jews and political prisoners were released.  The UNH Safe Zone logo incorporates an upside down triangle, which is symbolic of those pink triangles; it also includes the UNH logo as well as the rainbow (Freedom) flag, which is a international symbol of ending oppression.

Are YOU in the Zone?
We are always looking to add to our list of faculty, staff and grad student allies.
Click here to find information about upcoming Safe Zone Ally and Safe Zone Student Awareness Program training dates .


Click here for the list of UNH's gender inclusive restrooms

Click here for the Faculty and Staff Guide for Supporting Transgender Students.