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FAQ's on OPT

General information about OPT

  1. What is optional practical training?
  2. Who is eligible for OPT?
  3. What is STEM OPT extension?

Deadline for applying for OPT

  1. What is the new deadline for applying for post-completion OPT? 
  2. What is the earliest date that I can file a request for post-completion OPT with USCIS?

Beginning and ending dates of Post-Completion OPT

  1. What will be the authorized employment dates for post-completion OPT?
  2. What happens if I apply for post-completion OPT before the program end date and subsequently fail to complete the requirements for the program?
  3. How does a transfer or change of level impact the period of OPT?

Periods of Unemployment during OPT

  1. What are the limits on periods of unemployment?
  2. Do the limits on unemployment apply to any periods of unemployment prior to April 8, 2008?
  3. Do the limits apply to students who had post-completion OPT approved before April 8, 2008?
  4. What counts as time unemployed?
  5. How does travel outside U.S impact the period of unemployment?
  6. What should I do to ensure that my status does not expire due to excessive unemployment time?
  7. How should I report my employment or unemployment information to the Designated school Official or International Advisor?

17 month extension of OPT for F-1 students with a STEM degree

  1. Who is eligible for STEM extension?
  2. Is the extension available to students who completed their post-completion OPT prior to April 8, 2008?
  3. When should I file for the extension?
  4. How and where should I file for the extemsion?
  5. What is the fee for the application for the STEM extension?
  6. What should I know about the employer in order to complete the form I-765 when applying for STEM extension?
  7. What is the E-Verify program?
  8. When does my period of STEM extension OPT start?
  9. Can I work with an expired employment authorization document while a STEM extension is pending?
  10. What are my responsibilities as a student while on STEM extension OPT?

Travel during OPT

  1. Can I travel while on OPT or if my OPT is approved?
  2. Can I travel if my request for OPT is pending?
  3. Can I travel during the 60-day grace period after finishing my program or after finishing my OPT?
  4. Can I travel outside of the United States if the employment authorization document expires and the OPT extension request is pending?