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If you have International Students in your classes, you have come to the right place for information!

International Students are required to abide by certain specific immigration regulations and policies. The purpose of this section is to educate you on some information regarding immigration status regulations that pertain to your international students.

For more information, please contact us at or ext. 7475.

International Students in the Classroom

Common Regulations for F-1 International Students

Helpful questions for Academic Advisors
Class Registration
  1. Is this an undergraduate student?  12 credits = full course load
  2. Is this a graduate student? Fall 2015, 9 credits = full course load
  3. Are there exceptions? – Yes, if it is their first or last term, then they may be Less than Full Time. See Forms & Instructions for more information.
  4. What if the student only needs to finish a project, change an INC to a letter grade, etc.? – The student must have permission to be less than full time (see  Forms & Instructions) and the student must be enrolled in Banner for Continuing Registration.

Work Permission during school (CPT)

  • Internship
  • Fieldwork
The student must met all 3 criteria below to qualify for any work (paid or unpaid, part time or full time) that is off campus while completing their degree. 
  1. Has this student been at UNH for 1 academic year?
    1. Yes = see Forms & Instructions
    2. No = not eligible unless the internship is required to graduate.
  2. Is this internship required to graduate or will this student be enrolled in a credit-bearing internship class?
    1.  Yes = see Forms & Instructions
    2. No = not eligible for CPT
  3. Including the internship course, will the student still have a full course load?
    1. Yes = turn in all paperwork to ISO
    2. No = student needs to register or speak with ISO

Work Permission after graduation (OPT)

  • Paid employment
  • Unpaid employment
  • Volunteer position
  1. Do I put the end of term or the next available graduation date?
    1. If you're using our most up to date form, then you only need to indicate the last term where the student was enrolled (see Forms & Instructions). ISO will determine the exact date the student is eligible to use for their end of term date.
  2. Is this student registered in Banner?
    1. Yes = end of current term
      1. Still working on a project, INC, etc? As long as they were registered for Continuing Registration in Banner, then that counts as being registered for the term. 
    2. No = end of previous term.
What form should I have the student fill out?      See our Forms & Instructions Page. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail