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First in the Family LLC

First in the Family LLC logoCollege is an experience characterized by change and challenges. A strong support system can make a difference in whether or not you excel. This LLC helps ensure success for students who are the first in their family to attend college. First-generation college students are students whose parents do not hold a degree from a four-year college or university. University of New Haven is proud of its first-generation students and is committed to their success. This LLC, located in Bixler Hall, will have the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills, financial literacy and an opportunity to network with leaders from the greater New Haven area! Lastly, students will be able to work with other future college student though community service at a local high school.


  1. LLC Advisor

    Photo of Tiffany Green
    Tiffany Goines
    First Year Success Center
    What Does an LLC Advisor Do?

    The LLC Advisor serves as a mentor to the residents. The advisor works closely with the Resident Assistant to plan events and trips centered around the theme of the LLC. Advisors hold office hours inside the residence hall so they can work closely with their students.

  1. Interested?

    If you're interested in the First in the Family LLC, please contact