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Criminal Justice- Law and Investigation Living Learning Community

Law Investigation LLC logoThe mission, vision and goals of the Criminal Justice LLC, located in Bixler Hall, should include the following:

1.  To establish a connection to UNH by providing students with positive faculty/staff interactions and engagement in curricular and co-curricular activities.

2.  To establish a strong residential community among residents where events and activities develop a strong sense of community spirit while supporting its values.

3.  To develop a strong foundation for continued success in college during the first-year experience.

4.  To provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engaged each other beyond the classroom and residence hall community.

5.  To help students establish meaningful relationships within their residential community which are expounded upon in the classroom.

6.  To facilitate the growth of critical and imaginative thinking among students by having them put into practice the theories and methods learned in the classroom in a community which is characterized by intellectual and ethical curiosity.

7.  To support students’ intellectual and personal growth and development.

8.  To recruit increasingly select, diverse, and intellectually-engaged students, support retention, and assess the effectiveness of student learning outcomes and student satisfaction.

I think by taking trips we accomplish a lot of these goals. Eastern State Prison, the Zip Lines, the Washington DC trip we would like to put together are examples of what we're doing. I would like to work a little harder on getting some speakers on campus and to have more on campus activity so we can continue to grow the connection. I would also like to add some more on campus contact hours between CJ faculty and the LLC in non traditional settings (not in the office, not in the classroom)

  1. LLC Advisors

    Photo of Maria Tcherni
    Maria Tcherni
    Assistant Professor
    College: Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences
    Dept: Criminal Justice

    What Does an LLC Advisor Do?

    The LLC Advisor serves as a mentor to the residents. The advisor works closely with the Resident Assistant to plan events and trips centered around the theme of the LLC. Advisors hold office hours inside the residence hall so they can work closely with their students.

    Photo of Dan Maxwell
    Dan maxwell
    College: Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences
    Dept: Criminal Justice
  1. Interested?

    If you're interested in the Criminal Justice-Law & Investigation LLC, please contact