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    1. Selection of persons for the Resident Assistant position is based on the leadership experience, recommendations, interviews, and the candidate’s concern for, and sensitivity to, the welfare of UNH students.
    2. Resident Assistants must be in good academic and conduct standing with the University. Applicants for the Resident Assistant position must not be on disciplinary probation and must maintain this status throughout the employment period.
    3. A cumulative GPA of a 2.5 is required to apply for the position.  Once hired, a GPA under 2.5 will result in the Resident Assistant being placed on probationary status. 
    4. Applicants for the Resident Assistant position must be enrolled in the University as a full-time undergraduate student making “satisfactory progress” (as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog) and continue to meet these criteria during their term as a Resident Assistant.
    5. Resident Assistants must give this job precedence over all other extracurricular activities and work (no more than 15 hours per week are allowed unless you speak directly to your supervisor for approval to work up to 20 hours max).