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Residential Life Information for Current Students

University of New Haven Residential Life

Winter Break Closing Information

Below is some specific information in regards to the winter break.

Winter Break (Thursday, December 17th at 10:00am – Sunday, January 17th, at 10:00am):

The residence halls will be closed and card access will be disabled on Thursday, December 17th at 10:00am.  Please make all appropriate arrangements to vacate the halls by this time. Residents should be moved out 24-hours after their last final exam.

Requests to stay over winter break must be completed by Friday, December 11th by 5pm. To request to stay on campus students MUST complete a Winter Break Housing Application.

The form can  be found at: Unless a student is approved and has written confirmation from the Office of Residential Life, the student will be required to vacate their room and make arrangements to be away from the residence halls during this time. Requests to stay that are received after the deadline of December 11th at 5pm will be charged a late fee of $25 if approved.

Only those who meet the below criteria will be approved to stay over winter break if they complete the Winter Housing Application:

 International Students/Students Who Live 500+ Miles Away:

If a student lives 500 miles away or is an international student and will not be able to go home for the holiday break, the cost to stay in the residence halls will be $125 dollars per week. The student must also submit a Winter Break Housing Application by December 11th by 5pm.

 Designated Athletes:

If a student is an athlete who is required to stay over the Winter Break, the coach must submit their name on a list of approved athletes for housing. The student must also submit a Winter Break Housing Application by December 11th by 5pm.

Taking an intersession course:

If a student is taking an intersession course over the winter break, verification of their enrollment in the course will be checked prior to approval. The student will need to bring a copy of their schedule to the Office of Residential Life. The cost to stay in the residence halls will be $125 dollars per week. The student must also submit a Winter Break Housing Application by December 11th by 5pm.

Working on campus/internship for credit:

If a student is working on campus or is participating in a credit bearing internship, the supervisor must submit a letter to Kelsey Daniels at verifying that they need to stay in the residence halls. The cost to stay in the residence halls will be $50 dollars per week. The student must also submit a Winter Break Housing Application by December 11th by 5pm.

Students Who Are Approved to Stay over the Break:

All students who are approved to stay over break will receive an email confirmation and will need to follow the necessary steps to complete the application process.



There is varied cost to stay in the residence halls over winter break, please see above for that cost per week. This will be billed to student accounts the week December 21, 2015. It is very important that each student sign-up for the exact dates they will be on campus for billing reasons.


 For students not staying over break, below are the Closing duties and responsibilities:

 When a student leaves their room for the Winter Break they are responsible for the following:

  • All windows must be locked and closed and the blinds pulled.
  • Rooms must be clean and the trash emptied from bedrooms and common areas.
  • Removal of perishable food from refrigerators, defrosted and unplugged.
  • Apartment refrigerators DO NOT have to be unplugged.
  • All items should be moved away from the heaters.
  • Faucets and showers should not be leaking and securely shutoff - apartments and suites only.
  • Remove any valuable items. The University is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

During closing, all rooms will be checked by Residential Life staff members to ensure that the rooms are secure, in compliance with the University housing agreement, and to perform the necessary maintenance checks and repairs. Those who do not check out properly will incur improper check out fines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kelsey Daniels, at 203-932-7076 or email

 Housing Cancellations

All students who will be leaving the institution will need to contact the Registrar’s Office at 203-932-7309 to withdraw from the University.

In order to reside in University sponsored housing, students agree to and electronically sign their Housing License Agreement through their online “MyHousing” account.  As stated in the Housing License Agreement, “The housing license agreement is binding for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Students who cancel their housing license agreement for the fall/spring semester and remain enrolled for the fall/spring semester will be billed for their housing fees.  Housing fees are nonrefundable after July 24, 2015 and for new spring students January 4, 2016.” Any student who is looking to cancel their on campus housing will need to complete the following Housing Refund Committee form, please click here: Housing Refund Committee Appeal Outline.

For a reference to the 2015-2016 Housing License Agreement, please click here: 2015-2016 Housing License Agreement

As always, e-mail us at with any questions.

Please also stop in our Office located on the first floor of Bixler Hall if you have any questions or concerns about any upcoming programs and events.

  1. Housing Options

    On-Campus Housing for UNH StudentsImagine living on a magnificent 84-acre Campus and still being close to your neighbors!

    This is what you will experience by choosing to live on the University of New Haven campus. And you will not be the only one who feels right at home.

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    Off-Campus Housing for UNH StudentsWhether you're a graduate or undergraduate student, faculty or staff we have options for you.

    Please note that due to a lack of on-campus housing resources, graduate students in particular are encouraged to utilize information on this site to plan for their housing arrangements.

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  2. 2015-2016 Housing License Agreement

    Click here to view the 2015-2016 Housing License Agreement
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