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Frequently Asked Triple Questions

Why Me?

The University of New Haven is experiencing an exceptionally high number of in-coming residential students-which is great news for the university!  So, this means, many of the rooms are triples in our residence halls.  

How Long Will I Have to Live In A Triple?

The Residential Life staff is committed to de-tripling rooms as soon as open beds become available.  Your patience and understanding, as well as your commitment to making your current living situation as pleasant and enjoyable as   possible for all parties involved, is appreciated!

Who Chooses Who Moves Out of the Triple?

Students will work with their Resident Assistant and Resident Director to make this decision together.  If the students can not come to an agreement, the Resident Director will make the final decision.

Where Will I Be Moved To?

We will try to keep students in the same residence hall if that is their request.  However, the Resident  Director will alert students to openings in other buildings as well.

How Do We Decide Who Gets What Furniture In the Room?

Part of the residential life experience in college is learning how to communicate with others and make compromises.  Some of you may not be used to sharing a space with anyone else.  Maybe you have always had your own room at home.  This will be a good way for you to learn and grow.  Decide and communicate with each other about your preferences and come up with a healthy and logical  resolution that suites all parties involved.

I Feel Like It Will Be Two Against One...What Can I Do?

Go into any situation with a positive attitude and a commitment to see it through to the end.  If you all work together, have open lines of communication, practice honesty and respect with one another and maintain a healthy living and learning environment you will find success!  Others have done it and you can too!

Who Can I Talk To If Things Are Not Working Out?

See Your Resident Assistant or Resident Director.  RA's are trained student leaders ready and willing to lend a hand. This is college-and you are Freshmen-things will take time to get used to!