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Top 10 Reasons to LOVE Your Triple!

Top 10 Reasons to LOVE Your Triple!

10. The perfect accompaniment to sing a trio!

9. Awesome programs to attend together

8. Someone is bound to have a family member at home that will bake and mail good snacks (who doesn't love cookies from Nana?)!

7. An increased possibility that at least one of your roommates will be in class with you-instant study buddy!

6. Three people= three times more snacks, more video game options and more clothes to potentially borrow!

5. You won't need to buy or pack as much stuff! The leopard pillow with pink fringe is a must because it is the hotness!!

4. You will increase your chances of meeting more people and making more friends! This is clutch

3. There is always someone to accompany you to the Dining Hall!

2. Two Facebook friends instead of just one!

1. $500 CREDIT (cha-ching!) * For students living in Botwinik and Bixler