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Meal Plans and Fees

Meal Plan Information
Designed for your convenience, university meal plans are both flexible and accommodating. The plans are especially designed to provide superior services to students while providing flexibility and value based on individual dining frequency and preferences. Provisions for special dietary needs can be arranged with the food service.

The meal plan is mandatory for first years, sophomores, juniors and seniors residing in University housing for the 2016–2017 academic year. First year students living in University Housing are required to purchase either the Charger Unlimited Gold or the Charger Unlimited Blue. Returning students and transfer students (of at least sophomore status) residing in University Housing are required to purchase a meal plan. Returning students and eligible transfer students may choose from the following meal plans: Charger Unlimited Gold, Charger Unlimited Blue, Flex 150 or Flex 100. Students residing in Savin Court or Main Street are not required to purchase a meal plan but may still opt to purchase a voluntary meal plan. Commuter students may also opt to purchase a voluntary meal plan. All students should thoroughly review the policies outlined below regarding mandatory and voluntary meal plans.

Changing Your Meal Plan:

Change it yourself at the following website during the first two weeks of every semester during the Open Enrollement period: My Housing

Meal Plan Policies and Procedures

1. First year students are required to purchase one of the Charger Unlimited meal plans each semester.

2. All residential students, with the exception of those residing at Savin and Main Street Condos, are required to purchase a meal plan each semester per the policies outlined in the Student Handbook.

3.  Students, regardless of class year, residing in residence areas without full or partial kitchens inside of the  suite/apartment must purchase either the Charger Unlimited Gold or Charger Unlimited Blue meal plan. These residence halls include Bergami Hall, Bethel Hall, and Westside Hall.

4.  For the 2016-2017 academic year only: 
Returning students residing in either Bergami Hall or Botwinik Halls may
opt to purchase either one of the Charger Unlimited meal plans or the Flex 150 meal plan.  

5. Mandatory meal plans are purchased for a specified semester and all allocated meals must be used by the end of that semester.  Meal swipes will not roll forward to the following semester. Up to $100 of the remaining balance in Dining Dollars may be rolled forward to the spring semester meal plan. Balances remaining in Dining Dollars at the end of the spring semester are nonrefundable and non-transferable.

6. Voluntary meal plan meal swipes and Dining Dollar balances may be carried forward from fall semester to the spring semester without the purchase of a new meal plan.

7. Before purchasing a meal plan, thoroughly review the description of the meal plan so that you fully understand the designated meal times and dining halls in which you can dine with a meal swipe and which designated meal times and dining halls will utilize a charge to your Dining Dollars.

8. Breakfast, dinner, and weekend meals are all-you-can eat in the Marketplace located in Bartels Dining Hall. Food may not be taken out of the dining hall at these meals.

9. Dining Dollars may be used in the Bartels Dining Hall as well other food service locations on campus.

10. Meal plans are nontransferable and only the individual to whom a meal plan is issued may use his/her student ID card to access the meal plan.

11. If a student officially withdraws from the University, a prorated refund will be issued through the 7th week of the semester. After the 7th week of the semester, the student is responsible for the full cost of the meal plan. A refund will not be issued.

12.  All meal plan purchases are for the entire academic yearAll meal plans purchased for the fall semester are rolled forward and purchased for the spring semester as well.  Student accounts are billed accordingly at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. During the first two weeks of each semester, the Office of Residential Life coordinates an open enrollment period.  During this two week period, eligible students may log into their MyHousing account and update the meal plan that was purchased.  Students residing in Savin Court or Main Street and commuter students may cancel their meal plan purchase during the two week open enrollment period.  Students wishing to cancel their meal plan should contact the Office of Residential.  Upon approval, the meal plan will be canceled and the student’s account will be adjusted accordingly.

13.  All meal plan purchases are final at the end of the two week open enrollment period.

14.  Resident students will be prompted to select a meal plan through their MyHousing account.  Resident students who have not indicated their preferred meal plan purchase by the published deadline will automatically be assigned to a meal plan.  First year students will be assigned to a Charger Unlimited Gold meal plan.  Sophomores residing in Botwinik will automatically be assigned to Flex 150. 
All other resident students who are required to purchase a meal plan will be assigned to the Flex 100. 

15. Class year is based on credits earned and recorded at the Registrar’s Office prior to the beginning of each semester.  The class year, particularly in the case of first year students and transfer students, as well as the residence hall assignment, will determine the requirement of purchase of one of the Charger Unlimited meal plans.

16.  For more detailed descriptions of the meal plans, amenities of each of UNH’s dining locations, as well as updated pricing, check out the website for Sodexo Food Services at the University of New Haven.

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